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LaTonya Yvette.
LaTonya Yvette family, style, design, culture, and wellbeing.
LaTonya Yvette is a lifestyle blog with a focus on family, style, design, culture, womanhood, and community. LaTonya lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and is a native New Yorker. A Letter From Me To You. Leave this field empty if youre human.:
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ABOUT LaTonya Yvette.
In-between jobs LaTonya began her blog, formerly, Old, New and The Wee One Too, now, LaTonya" Yvette" Her blog began as a way to document her various outings with her daughter River in New York City, but quickly turned into a place she could also share her passion for styling.
Woman of Color: LaTonya Yvette: 9781419732942: Books.
LaTonya Yvette, the blogger and stylist behind the eponymous site, is unapologetically candid about lifes trials, including motherhood, love, death, and racism. Her first book, Woman of Color, is part memoir, part lifestyle guidepacked with moving essays, gorgeous original and archival photographs, and practical style and beauty advice.
Latonya Staubs Double or Nothing.
LaTonya Staubs, stylist, designer, lifestyle blogger and mother, is a real-life incarnation of this fluid mentality towards a holistic existence. Her blog LaTonya Yvette addresses the struggles and joys of being a mother, including how she and her husband balance co-parenting with their respective creative careers and, of course, how to look confident, be comfortable and feel beautiful while doing it all.
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Motherhood Right Now: Resolve To Have Them Take More Photos LaTonya Yvette. The other day we were walking to get soup and River started to recall a memory in her childhood that I forgot. This is not new, somehow being in it with them, many memories have been blurred in my mind.
Stylist LaTonya Yvette's' Colorful Brooklyn Apartment.
Stylist and author LaTonya Yvette lives with her daughter, River, 7, and son, Oak, 4, in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn. She moved there while she was separating from her husband, and found that the secret to creating a comfortable home was to surround herself with things that had connection and meaning.
ABOUT LaTonya Yvette.
LaTonya Staubs, also known as LaTonya Yvette, was born and mostly raised in Brooklyn, New York where she now has her own family, a daughter, River, and a son, Oak. She began her career as a stylist, working in various New York City boutiques.
Brooklyn in the Spring with LaTonya Yvette DÔEN.
Yearling Kids by DÔEN. Brooklyn in the Spring with LaTonya Yvette. Brooklyn in the Spring with LaTonya Yvette Photography by Heather Moore. The community we have built through DÔEN is something that has grown through the most organic of means.
Style Story / LaTonya Yvette Atelier Doré.
1 year ago by The Atelier. Originaire de Brooklyn, LaTonya Yvette incarne à la perfection lesprit curieux, le caractère bigarré et la bienveillance de ce quartier. Cest là que vit cette styliste, maman et auteure, et là aussi que sépanouit son sens du style, du militantisme, de la famille et de la féminité entre autres LaTonya est belle et intelligente, et tout ce quelle véhicule en est le parfait reflet.

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